Clogged Toilets, Blocked Toilets, Overflowing Toilets and more!


Clogged Toilet

A Clogged Toilet can be a family's worse nightmare because clogged toilets always come when least expected and at the wrong time. Clogged toilets could be as simple as flushing too much waste or clogged toilets could be a major blocked toilet that is caused by a more serious plumbing issue - like a blockage or clog further along your home's plumbing line.

Clogged toilets can be virtually avoided by keeping your home's plumbing clear and clean of any blockages by having a local plumber perform routine inspections and drain cleaning. It is important to keep clogged toilets from becoming emergencies because a clogged toilet can cause much damage to a home's bathroom, from the floor tile to the walls, a bathrooms worst nightmare is a clogged toilet, backed up toiler, especially overflowing toilets.

Avoiding Clogged Toilets

Simply flushing a chemical solution down your toilet in hopes of fixing a clogged toilet may not be enough. A professional plumber can ensure a clogged toilet isn't the result of a blockage or clog deep within your home's plumbing system; like tree roots or septic tank damage.

Newer homes as well as homes choosing to go "green" with eco-friendly toilets may experience increased clogged toilets due to less water per flush (although many new eco-friendly toilets avoid clogged toilets by having bigger openings and drains); however, it is still best for your home's plumbing to be inspected by a professional plumber to ensure a clogged toilet is not a bigger problem.

Unclog Toilets

From chemicals to plungers, there are do-it-yourself ways to unclog toilets that are clogged. However, with an exception of isolated events, if clogged toilets continue to get clogged; a plumber must be called to inspect your home's plumbing to ensure no bigger problem exists besides just clogged toilets.

Overflowing Toilets

Overflowing Toilets that can't be stopped by a plunger should have the water supply stopped by turning the valve located behind most toilets. At this point, call a professional plumber to ensure your overflowing toilets are properly unclogged and have them inspect your sewer line to keep clogged toilets from becoming overflowing toilets and stopping clogged toilets all together.